About Us

Starting its second decade, bySEHPACI is more experienced and more powerful than ever. In this new decade we, as a leading brand in home accessories field, introduced important innovations with our new collection. With the new designs in our collection, we have also diversified the areas in which our clients enjoy our products.

In this new collection you will notice strong emphasis on two themes,

Products within the first theme are an experiment of merging the artistic traditional home accessories of Anatolia with modern industry while products within the second theme can be defined as a transformation of natural articles -soil, copper, wood- into products through arts.

We are in hope of being direct visitors to the houses to which we have been guests indirectly so far. In this period we are planning to take the most powerful steps in order to achieve our target of being Turkey's home accessories brand.

To this end, we continue to develop our infrastructure in a way to enable our customers meet our products through shortest route possible.

We have created safe and smiling products.

So we wish you joyful moments while using them.

" Design and color story "